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I was browsing through the mod directory and I stumbled upon this one. If I've read correctly this one has been around since the original game and is being ported to warband. They are at 80 percent right now but the main feature of it works and it is no short from mind blowing. 
You can choose which of the hero characters you want to play with at the start of a battle meaning that you will be able to level them up yourself instead of letting the AI get them killed 3 minutes into a battle. 
It also has a some other features that make the game quite a bit more manageable like auto looting and selling. Some retooled stats and experience distribution systems. You can read up on the details and download it at:,111808.0.html 

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This mod actually modifies quite some stuff for the better. Horses do now run slower when damaged making all horse armies quite less invisible. Slaves now fetch a higher price if they are high profile units. You can sell all your slaves and inventory in one click. 
Actually controlling Jeremeus was quite an experience.

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