Mount and Blade Steam Sale!

#1 Posted by Bucketdeth (8048 posts) -

Mount and Blade: Warband is now on sale for $10.20 and the original for $7.50, I just bought a copy of Warband to see what it's like, anyone else buy one of them?

#2 Posted by ATrevelan (606 posts) -
@Bucketdeth: I did. So far, the SP mode is more of Mount and Blade with some extra (and welcome) graphics options. Haven't dove into the multiplayer yet, but I suspect that's the main draw of the expansion.
#3 Posted by icu (1 posts) -

Great fun imo. It's niche, but if you love it you'll LOVE IT. Try the demo. Stea(m)l at $10.

#4 Edited by jakob187 (21763 posts) -

*sniff sniff*  This makes me think of Levio91...

#5 Posted by MaskedGamer (179 posts) -

I feel bad since I bought this for 30$ 

#6 Posted by Gellrock (381 posts) -

love the game put 40 hours in the first week, too bad starcraft 2  and red dead had of come out...

#7 Edited by onarum (2302 posts) -

Man... I haven't been addicted to a game like this for a very long time.
When I saw the quick look for it a while ago I thought it was kinda neat, but the 30 bucks price point put me off, then this sale came and I just couldn't resist.
Got it Saturday, started playing at about 9pm, then I noticed the room was getting brighter, I look out and hey the sun is coming up... this hasn't happened to me since my Diablo days.
It runs like utter crap on my notebook but still I love it, this is pretty much the definition of a hardcore game man, and is what I was missing from PC gaming, you'll never see a game like this on consoles, gave up on PC gaming about 2 years ago, got too expensive, but after playing this I'm very inclined to build me a new rig.
Also the steam achievements are full of monty python references, and that always wins a lot of points with me.


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