Question Regarding Controller Configurations

#1 Posted by SlLENTCAPYBARA (75 posts) -

I was wondering if Mount and Blade: Warband is playable with a wired Xbox 360 controller? If so, what drivers and applications would I need to set up and play with the controller?

#2 Posted by SilenceUK (352 posts) -

Dont think it supports it inherintly but will have a look brb
#3 Posted by SilenceUK (352 posts) -

tried setting the attack to right trigger on the wired 360 controller and just sat there doing unless you have a way of tricking the game into thinking the analog stick is the WASD keys not guna happen buddy
#4 Edited by Mikemcn (7387 posts) -

No clue but this game would be batshit insane on a controller.

#5 Posted by SlLENTCAPYBARA (75 posts) -

Ah okay. Well thank you for trying.

#6 Posted by BionicMonster (1042 posts) -

I played this game with a 360 controller and Xpadder before, it worked great .

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