still play Mount & Blade Warband online?

Posted by CLemATic (42 posts) -

does anyone still play this game online?

#1 Posted by CLemATic (42 posts) -

does anyone still play this game online?

#2 Posted by elko84 (1238 posts) -

I just picked this up on Steam today as it was on sale.  Checked out the tutorial and did the first mission in the single player campaign.  Haven't checked out the multiplayer yet.  

#3 Posted by CLemATic (42 posts) -

lol k is it worth getting the first one as well or fuck it get warband only?

#4 Posted by ToxicFruit (1886 posts) -

I just bought Warband, been playing Mount & Blade for a long time. No Idea why I had not picked up Warband until not. Really enjoying the multiplayer

#5 Posted by commandercup (525 posts) -

I'm pretty sure that Warband is Mount & Blade singleplayer + a new multiplayer? I love the game and I haven't even touched multiplayer yet.

#6 Edited by Zelnox (426 posts) -

The multiplayer is the best part. 
I don’t think the original is worth it, unless you really enjoy the single-player.

#7 Posted by jim_dandy (885 posts) -

Enjoying the fuck out of the single player right now.

#8 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (780 posts) -

I booted this up last night and played Siege mode for entirely too long.

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