Which one should i get?

#1 Posted by cikame (1091 posts) -

So there's a steam sale going on at the moment, both Mount & Blade and Warband are on sale.
I haven't played either and have only seen Warband on the quick look but want to play it, is the original worthwhile?
Thanks for any answers.

#2 Posted by psyborg0815 (444 posts) -

You should get Warband, because they're both pretty much the same "story" wise and Warband has new features like multiplayer and a new faction (I can't remember the sultanate being in the original Mount&Blade)

#3 Posted by cikame (1091 posts) -

Warband it is :)
Thanks, i look forward to stabbing someone viking style very soon.

#4 Posted by cikame (1091 posts) -

... oh man, 200 v 200 infantry wars are my new favorite thing.

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