Should I get Warband or With Fire and Sword?

#1 Posted by Soliddragon24 (74 posts) -

Not sure which one to get, I watched the quicklooks but still on the fence, does anyone know which one is "better" or more popular?

#2 Posted by bellmont42 (333 posts) -

I'd think warband would have more players.. it was really popular... but whos to say they haven't moved to the new one? especially with a $3.75 price tag today

#3 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

Don't know which is more popular, but Fire n' Sword is the latest one. They are both very similar in quality and mechanics, the main difference between the two is gunpowder. In FnS you have pistols and rifles which reaaaally changes the game.

Without gunpowder I'd say my most valued units were the horses, there were even instances where I could take out 10-15 guys on my own. But with rifles I've gone up against fairly low ranking dudes and they've completely murdered me as I was riding in on them. I'd pick depending on what type of warfare you prefer, up close and personal or more focusing on ranged combat.

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