banned8921's Mount & Blade (PC) review

Interesting nonlinear story like sid meiers Pirates.

After 8 years this game is finally completed. Created by a team of indy developers who thought that the huge library of available games needed a medieval themed game without magic, elves, or dragons. What they did was make a true nonlinear rpg like none I have ever seen most rpgs have a set storyline to follow or none at all. One moment I remember was after I became a rebel of a faction that I supported almost the entire game and the other commanders really liked me they said " I heard you left King hauraus I will have to kill you now" Its weird because I remember fighting alongside those same people to take a castle or something. I definetly recomend checking this game out its amazing go to to install the demo. 5/5 ( I hate giantbombs  stupid rating system Id like to give it a 9.7 but this is a casual gaming site i guess....)

Posted by Bellum

Man, I don't think M&B was in development for more than 4 years. :P The first public beta was in 2005 IIRC.

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