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The main goal for a player in a stealth game is to remain hidden and not to attract any suspicion.  This is where the “move body” function comes into play.  When a player leaves a body lying around and an NPC find it/them they will get suspicious and in some cases also sound the alarm.  Different games use this feature differently.  In some games the player character will grab a hold of the NPC and put them over their shoulder, often resulting in decreased movement speed.  Some games will have the player character grab the hands/wrists or the feet of the NPC and then drag the body around. There are also games that have taken a different approach, amongst many you will find “ potions” that will make the body disappear and attaching a balloon to the body so that they float up in the air to then be taken away by an airplane.

When this function is implemented to a first person game, that doesn't display the body we carry in any form, most often seen option that the developers have taken is to have a HUD icon that indicates that the player is hauling a body around. 
In many MMOs, dragging corpses is a method of recovering one's equipment.  After death, a player must return to the location in which they died to recover their gear from their own corpse.  Since the location of the death is often a dangerous place, a command to drag corpses is used to pull the corpse to a safer location.  Consent can be given to other characters to have them pull other people's corpses as well.  This job is typically given to rogues who are able to sneak through danger to recover a group's or a guild's corpses.

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