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Mr. Ekoda is the Classical Literature teacher at Gekkoukan High School in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, Persona 3 FES, and Persona 3 Portable. He is also the homeroom teacher of Class 2-E, attended by Fuuka Yamagishi. Ekoda is a strict disciplinarian that gets on the nerves of students as well as his fellow teachers. During the main Persona 3 storyline, Ekoda lands in hot water for his decision to hide Fuuka's disappearance from the students by pretending that she's out of school due to illness. Mitsuru ensures that Ekoda is properly punished, though she refuses to elaborate on the nature of his punishment. However, students gossiping in Ekoda's class on the day of Fuuka's return suggest that he had been slapped with charges of sexual harassment.

Social Links

The player does not have any Social Links with Mr. Ekoda directly, but he does play a role as a side character in some of them. In the Hermit Social Link with "Maya," Maya vents a great deal of frustration and anger toward Mr. Ekoda for being such a thorn in her side as a coworker. As it is revealed later in the Social Link, Maya is in fact the player's own homeroom teacher, Ms. Toriumi, who during other portions of Persona 3 is shown to have rather terse interactions with Ekoda while on the job.

In the Hermit Social Link with Saori Hasegawa in Persona 3 Portable, Mr. Ekoda angrily confronts Saori in the faculty office and accuses her of dragging the name of Gekkoukan High School through the mud after her photograph is seen in a magazine article on high school delinquency and sexual deviance. He also warns the female protagonist to avoid following Saori's example and suspends Saori from school for a full week. When Saori tries to clear her name by making an announcement over the school PA system, Ekoda tries to stop her, only to meet resistance from the female protagonist, Ms. Toriumi, and Ms. Ounishi (Saori's homeroom teacher).

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