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Mr. Hankey is a Christmas Poo who is a minor character from the animated seris South Park. Mr. Hankey emerges from the toilet during the Christmas season. Mr. Hankey can only emerge during Christmas because of his physical state. If he emerges from the sewers at any other time during the year he will dry up and die. Mr. Hankey gives presents to all the good children whose diets have been high in fiber.

Retail CD

Mr. Hankey has inspired a a retail CD titled Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics it was released in November 23, 1999.


Trey Parker Co Creator of South Park said in a interview that the idea for Mr. Hankey came from his father when he was a young boy trying to potty train him. Parker said he refused to flush the toilet to about age three or four so his father said that if he did not flush toilet the feces named "Mr. Hankey" The name that Trey Parker's father had given the feces would come alive and kill him. Parker say's he always intended to incorporate Mr. Hankey into South Park but did not decide to make him a Christmas Character. Parker had previously envisioned him as feces with a sailor hat.


The creator of The Ren and Stimpy Show John Kricfalusi claimed the concept of Mr. Hankey was stolen from an animated cartoon short that he had created and threatened legal action against South Park, however no legal action was ever proceeded.

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