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Mr. House was born before the Great War and grew to become an expert in cryogenics and robotics. He froze his body in suspended animation and eventually awakened to find New Vegas a decaying, abandoned wasteland. House rules the New Vegas strip from his luxury casino tower, Lucky 38. Nobody in town can remember the last time anyone set foot inside the tower and the perimeter is guarded by groups of Securitrons. House controls all of the Securitrons in the city, using them as a pseudo police force.

Mr. House saved Las Vegas from complete destruction during The Great War by accurately predicting that it would happen in the first place. He set up defenses that would allow him to disarm nuclear bombs that targeted Las Vegas. He disarmed 59 of the 77 bombs that were targeted for Las Vegas, but was unable to stop the rest because his software was imperfect. House had ordered The Platinum Chip to be printed in Sunnyvale, California, but it was just a day short of arriving in Las Vegas. The Platinum Chip would have upgraded Mr. House's computer systems and fixed any bugs.

According to J.E. Sawyer at Obsidian, House is "very much inspired by Howard Hughes."

Mr. House has an affinity for snow globes and finds them oddly soothing. If The Courier finds any in his/her travels they can be brought to Mr. House's secretary, Jane, for a sum of 2000 caps each.

Mr. House is voiced by established, New York born actor Rene Auberjonois.

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