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An RPG for those that prefer casual games.

If you are looking for a final fantasy in space, you have almost found it. If you want a traditional puzzle solving game it's nearly what you want. Hardcore gamer of either one probably do well to stay away.

For those out there that dabble in both RPGs and casual games this is a small treat for a small price. The player take on the role of a lowly maintenance droid named Asimov. On their mission to colonize a new star system humanity has been frozen down for the trip. Asimov is bullied around by the mainframe and a mechanical gorilla on wheels, while being too far down the tech tree to be of any interest to the girl with all her circuits in the right place.
   So storywise this game isn't anything new on the RPG arena. The only difference is that they use the word tech instead of magic. The gameplay however is a welcome mix of puzzle solving and traditional asian RPG. In the real world this lowly maintenance droid can't even touch other droids. The player is forced to solve everything in the real world with his wits and ability to push, haul and crush crates. The fighting can only be done by hacking into the enemies or security terminals. A colorful graphical depiction of their motherboard is shown and the player moves through the systems as a signal battling anti-virus programs in a turn based manner.
    Graphics are colorful 2D presented in a traditional isometric view. An enjoyable retro feeling accompanied by simple but functional sounds. The music are there to lend a certain feeling of a space odysseye. It serves it's purpose concidering the resources available.

This product wont cater to anyone hardcore, and it is so short you will think you've beaten the first chapter of a regular RPG by the time the credits begin to roll. There are some parts of the ship that is very short and some end-game graphics are not implemented.
    However it offers interesting challenges to all parts of the brain.
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