Ms. Splosion Man Cameo?

#1 Posted by Nottle (1931 posts) -

One of the pieces of concept art on the last page of the art section has a picture featuring Ms. Splosion man talking into a walkie talkie along with her making an angry face and her being happy. The description says it is used in another game, but it tells the player to guess what it is. Does anyone have any idea what it could be from? I have no idea. They look like pictures that would be next to a text box.

#2 Posted by Grimmy616 (435 posts) -

Maybe gunstringer?

#3 Posted by Nottle (1931 posts) -
@Grimmy616: Possibly. No way to know since that isn't out yet. I was thinking maybe Retro city Rampage since the arcade machine is in this game. But I have no idea.
#4 Posted by MatPaget (1283 posts) -

I don't think it's Gunstringer if they said it's used in another game. 
Maybe if it said, it's being used in another game.

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