Need help with how to maximize my triple jump.

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So, I was watching the first place guy on the first level and he just vaults over the first wall by triple jumping whenever I do it I jump like a white guy. I sent him a msg asking for advice but the dude is a prick. He accused me of accusing him of cheating... which I just asked him if he was.. sigh anyone know how to do it? I thought it was just splode splode splode what am I missing?

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@EightBitShik: I just checked it out myself; I was wondering how someone managed an additional 15 seconds off of my time. There's definitely something weird going on, at the very least he's clearly taking advantage of a glitch in the engine. 
Double and Triple jumps simply do not give extra height like that, at best you're lucky enough to merely get a couple of feet above your first (large) jump.
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@Aishan: I got it straight from the source of Twisted Pixel!! Here is an email I kept the guys info out.

Hi John,

Sorry you havent had any luck on the forums. Tha'ts pretty crappy he accused you of thinking he was cheating. Sounds like a pretty reasonable question to me. Anywho, I did look into this and it was a total legit jump. How he did it was by sploding early twice and catching the ceiling corner which allowed him wall jump up and over the wall. Pretty crafty if you ask me. None of us here ever considered that or designed it to work that way. Now get in there and whoop up on him ;) Best of luck!

Best wishes, Twisted Pixel guy

So, as you can see it's legit a bit cheap but still legit according to them so well played sir well played.

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double splode the corner splode, that sounds like something from very  late in the original splosion man maybe im not thinking of the right thing will check it out

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Corner sploding is an incredibly difficult and advanced technique, it was also present in the original 'Splosion man.

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