trial out early?

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Not sure if anyone else noticed, but the Ms. 'Splosion Man demo released a week early (without fanfare or promos), for those who want to get a taste of next week's release.  You cant buy it yet tho, as it is priced at -1 points right now.

I was a fan of the first game, and this one is even better.  Day1 purchase for me, especially at the 800MSP it should be at when released next week.

#2 Posted by Aishan (1039 posts) -
The beta that was running was basically the trial version of the game with some levels also available for multiplayer over XBL. It's not surprising that it's widely available now -- it's already sitting on their distribution servers after-all. 
Although it's only two-levels, it's definitely a better trial than the original 'Splosion Man's -- which only had the first few normal, very easy levels and didn't really show what the game was about, and I hope for Twisted Pixel's sake more people give the sequel a chance. 
It's definitely a day-one purchase for me also, one of the few games I've actually been looking forward to this year.
#3 Posted by Downsize (144 posts) -

Demo is out?  huh?

#4 Posted by Redbullet685 (6186 posts) -

Ms. Splosion Man comes out next week?

#5 Edited by Aishan (1039 posts) -
@Redbullet685: Yep, it's the last release before the Summer of Arcade starts this year.
#6 Posted by Redbullet685 (6186 posts) -
@Aishan: Its weird that they wouldn't have added it to the Summer of Arcade, since the first was part of it in 2009.
#7 Posted by Aishan (1039 posts) -
@Redbullet685: Yeah, SoA would give them a boost, but Twisted Pixel already have a healthy relationship with Microsoft, especially so with the upcoming Gunstringer for Kinect.
They'll do alright for themselves, I reckon. As long as people buy the game. And people should buy the game. It's fun.
#8 Posted by DrMcKittrick (264 posts) -

I like this more than any of the summer of arcade titles.

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