Twisted Pixel Announces Ms. Splosion Man

#101 Posted by Parabole (216 posts) -

The only thing I remember about Splosion Man is that if you choose the easy difficulty, the game makes Splosion man wear a tutu/skirt. It might have come as a late revelation to go from a year later "you know, he's already wearing a skirt..." My point is she's pink, wears a bow, why not just give her high heels and a skirt!

#102 Posted by Andorski (5406 posts) -

Not to hate on Twisted Pixel, but 'Splosion Man has been the only game of theirs that I have enjoyed, so I'm glad their going back for a sequel.  Improve and/or remove the boss sections and I'm all in.

#103 Posted by televisionomy (90 posts) -

Ok that's weird.

#104 Posted by StudLeeHunwell (1 posts) -

cant wait splosion man was the best live game of 09

#105 Posted by Admp (3 posts) -

maybe i should try splosion man.
#106 Posted by Radarscope1 (3 posts) -

LOL at "Spolsion Woman" ... Good grief, people. You like video games enough to have an account on a site like GB and yet you've never heard of Ms. Pac-Man?? Are you effing kidding me?!?
Great to see a new game is coming. I expect it will be pretty much like SM but with a handful of new mechanics, enemies and backgrounds. And of course, even more of TP's trademark weird humor. I love the way indie developers like TP and Team Meat do off-the-wall marketing like this.

#107 Posted by CLinendoll (77 posts) -

Just bought Splosion Man for $2 on sale. I'm very intrigued to see what Twisted Pixel has up their sleeve for this. Comic Jumper was good, hilarious in spots, but the gameplay was weak.

#108 Posted by Kyle (2327 posts) -
@Radarscope1 said:
" LOL at "Spolsion Woman" ... Good grief, people. You like video games enough to have an account on a site like GB and yet you've never heard of Ms. Pac-Man?? Are you effing kidding me?!?"
This. Shame on all of you.
#109 Posted by Titl (539 posts) -

Man, they are the worst science people ever.

#110 Posted by animathias (1197 posts) -

Wow, people are getting angry for others not liking the name, simply because of Ms. Pac-Man? Hate to break it to you, but Ms. Pac-Man is a terrible name for a video game. ;) Namco didn't even make Ms. Pac-Man, Midway did behind their backs. It's only part of the Pac-Legacy because it was a fun game, but the name was terrible (though Namco still doesn't like mentioning it in their archives.)

Kudos to the Twisted Pixel guys for a nod to the past, but it's still a bad naming strategy (and would be much funnier if they made up a developer name and treated this like an unauthorized sequel, then I'd be behind the name 100%.)

#111 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4779 posts) -

Don't know it kind of seems lame..Ms.Splosion man? comeon... 

#112 Posted by hans11 (1 posts) -

Funny name! Is it worth to play??

#113 Posted by Habearu (21 posts) -

There is something to be said for the classics, but this time you get to blow cocky scientists to meaty chunks, with a bow, liked it before will probably like this one too, hopefully there is more to it then just a clone game of the first one but we will have to wait and see.

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