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Established during what would later be called the Golden Age of Man, Muirthemne (known prior to the year 1 A.E. as Llancarfan) was the seat of the Cath Bruig Empire for nigh on three thousand years, and long held as one of the shining accomplishments of humankind. At its apex, Muirthemne was home to around 100,000 people, with the Emperor of the Cath Bruig ruling from within its well-fortified walls. It was surrounded by fertile agricultural lands, and was such a center of commerce and civilization that it was supported by a network of roads that connected it to various points across the world. It was held as a point of pride for the citizens of Muirthemne that over the years the city had held strong against many forces that had threatened it, including Moagim the Faceless Terror, the Myrkridia, and the traitorous Mjarin. It was the focal point for what many regard as the most powerful civilization in history, and undoubtedly the most well-protected bastion in all the human lands.

The psychological impact of destroying humanity's greatest city was no doubt on Balor's mind when he assaulted Muirthemne in the year 2431 A.E. In spite of the city's significant fortifications, it was no match for the dark army Balor had gathered in the years prior to his attack. Muirthemne's death would be a swift and brutal one. The entire city and the countryside surrounding it (which would thereafter be known as The Barrier) were set to flame, and Muirthemne itself was demolished and partially buried under countless tons of sand and rock. It was another hundred years (sixty years after Balor's unlikely defeat) before any serious attempt to retake the city would be made. Aided by the Trow and led by King Alric, the humans of The Province were able to push their way into the city and hold it against the resurrected Myrkridia. This gave Alric time to recover the Ibis Crown hidden within the city, which allowed him to assume the role of the Cath Bruig Emporor and gain the allegiance of the Heron Guard. After the defeat of Soulblighter shortly thereafter, Alric set to the momentous task of restoring the once-great city and the lands surrounding it to some semblance of their former glory.

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