Any Darwinian Fans around? Introversion fans?

#1 Posted by dozerking (45 posts) -

Can't wait for Multiwinia...looks awesome. Anyone still playing Darwinia from time to time?

From what I'm getting this will release in Europe first, and then the States. Not sure about exactly when, other then September

#2 Posted by The_Mad_Nutter (2 posts) -

Its been announced that it will be released the 19th september ( ). Shoudn't matter too much if you are in europe or the us as if you order through IV you get an instant download option.

Might also want to check out the multiwinia mondays up until launch:

#3 Posted by jasondaplock (263 posts) -

Do you think Steam will pick up this game? Introversion has used it for Darwinia and DEFCON already.

#4 Posted by nameless_one (10 posts) -

Steam has a section in its store for Multiwinia.

#5 Posted by RagingLion (1370 posts) -

I've got into Introversion a bit recently meaning learning about their backstory and stuff as well, which is really cool.  Love how they create these really unique games.  I actually played right through Darwinia over the last couple of days for the second time.  Really love the game and find it really relaxing to play without being too demanding (although my first time through the Biosphere level went shockingly badly - the second time through was a well oiled machine having learnt from my previous mistakes).

Have tried Uplink and Defcon a bit as well but they're not quite as easy to get into although I'm going to give them another try.

#6 Posted by jakob187 (21763 posts) -


Darwinia and Defcon were so much fucking fun.  = D

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