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A Samurai's Journey 0

  The pastel colored leaves fall weightlessly in the amber sun, as it sets over our world. I travel, back and forth, my swords sheathed, my guard up, as I continue my journey. My journey to find who I am, and why I am pursued. Only my name remains, the rest of me is taken, like the sun from the darkness each night. I am Kisuke. My tale is one of wonder and amazement, one that the artists will remember for it’s color and it’s style. My tale is of the Demon Blade, Muramasa. It was innocent enough...

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With so many flavors, its hard to pick Vanilla 0

   Title: Muramasa: The Demon Blade Release: September 8, 2009 Genre: Action/Adventure Developer: Vanilla Ware Publisher: Ignition Entertainment Platform: Wii Rating: T (Teen) The Nintendo Wii has quickly become devoid of any promising future third party titles. With the exception of No More Heroes 2 and the usual stable of first party Nintendo titles such as new Mario and Zelda games, there really isn’t much to look forward to on the Wii’s horizon. Muramasa: The Demon Blad...

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Unrivaled 2D Sexcellence & Blistering Action! 0

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a side-scrolling action game developed by Vanillaware, known for director George Kamitani’s absurdly detailed graphical style and fluid animation. I live for this kind of stuff. In the majority of games today, the quest for realism blots out all traces of the artist’s individuality and expression. Colors become desaturated as 3d models rely more and more on photographic textures. Muramasa is the antithesis of this movement; it’s style is detailed but clean, crisp, an...

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Rio Starwind's Mini Reviews: Return of the demon blade 0

Muramasa Rebirth manages to make a awesome action game with only one attack button. The fact that it has a good variety of attacks like a slide dash or a up slash keeps the combat interesting. Each sword in this game also has a special attack that can aid the player a bit in a few situations. The unfortunate thing is that most of the special moves don't seem to be as effective as normal attacks. Most of the time I would rather keep my sword bar near max instead using some energy for a special mo...

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A beautiful, fun action game 0

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a sidescrolling hack ‘n’ slash game for the wii developed by Vanillaware, most widely known for the sidescrolling rpg Odin Sphere and less widely known for the sidescrolling rts GrimGrimoire. Though it retains its predecessors’ painted storybook aesthetic, Muramasa has a decidedly more Japanese look to it, given the subject matter. In my opinion, it doesn’t surpass Odin Sphere in terms of the depth of its gameplay; nevertheless, it’s definitely one of the more worthw...

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Nice Looking but boring 0

I like the look of the game but I was bored from the beginning. I tried to push through it with the first two worlds but I could not do it. Thank goodness I still had Batman to go back to, to refreshed my plalet. Do not get me wrong I do appriecate it but with all the games coming out you need to get me in the first 2 hours. This should have been a May release, then maybe I could have given it more time but I doubt it.    ...

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A fast-paced, beautiful and stylish side-scrolling adventure 0

 The name “Muramasa” is -- to me at least -- immediately evocative of that distinctly western flavor found almost exclusively in games released from our friends over in Japan.  It would seem difficult to not immediately envision the blades of hardened samurai locked against one another, their eyes fastened with the knowledge that each passing second could indeed be their last in existence at the mere mention of the word.  Perhaps that’s just a little too in-depth with my personal fascination wit...

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Muramasa: Demon Blade Review 0

From the people that brought you Odin Sphere comes Muramasa: The Demon in which you will play one of two stories, or take on each story at your leisure. You will play the part of a samurai spirit that possess a body to utilize his ancient fighting technique. You will have to defeat enemy after enemy to obtain strong enough sword to break through the barriers place around the land. If you survive the trials you will be rewarded with the ultimate sword, and will know who's sword technique rules su...

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A Great, Flashy, Simple Game 0

Muramasa: The Demon Blade was released on 2009 by Ignition Entertainment.  It was developed by Vanillaware, makers of the PS2 game Odin Sphere.  Like Odin Sphere, Muramasa is a 2D sidescroller with beautiful visuals.  But, where Odin Sphere was an RPG at heart, Muramasa is a brawler.  The brawler design is a simple one that hasn't been widely utilized as of late.  Whenever a new brawler is released, it is usually a commercial failure.  Does Muramasa's design match its fantastic visuals?  Not exa...

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Flawed Beauty 0

                With its beautifully redesigned graphics, its superb voice acting, and an astounding amount of new post-game content,  Muramasa: The Demon Blade is an excellent remake of the first two games in the Muramasa series…or at least that’s what I wish I could say. In truth, Muramasa is the newest game by Vanilla Ware, makers of the sleeper hit Odin Sphere, and while it is at its core a good game, it is weighed down by numerous flaws.                  Those who are looking forward t...

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Pure, Gorgeous Action 0

  Games often try to be an encompassing medium. So many titles attempt to have as much for the player to do as possible, with vehicle sequences, dialogue trees and time-wasting fetch quests. Variety can be wonderful thing, but when the whole is only connected parts, it dilutes whatever product was there to begin with. In this sense, Muramasa: The Demon Blade is the most "pure" game I have played in a long while.   To say the game is cohesive isn't entirely true; It's just simple. Its featur...

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