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Mushmom is the first boss ever to be added to Maplestory, and as such, holds a special place in Maple history. She is not to be confused with her counterpart, Mushdad, who is a blue mushroom, or Zombie Mushmom, which looks like a creepy zombie version of her. She is essentially a giant orange mushroom, but to mushrooms everywhere, she is something more. She is a friend, a mother, a leader, a person to look up to when none else are worth looking up to. She is the embodiment of the mushroom ideals that any mushroom can make something of itself.
To Maplers she is the enemy of enemies. However much she is respected by the more senior members of the Maple community, to young Maplers, she is that annoying monster that level 80 from Henysys told them to go hunt, and were quickly killed by. Mushmom boasts being level 50, so she is almost unbeatable from level 45 downwards. Her signature jump attack deals an astonishing 800 damage, which to most Maplers, is a nice quarter or more of their health.
Mushmom lives in Somebody Else's House, which can actually be spotted from any area in Henysys as it shows it's panoramic view on the hills. She was once surrounded by Iron Hogs back during the Hog-Mushroom wars, but those have been taken out by her elite Horney Mushroom and Fairy guard who now protects her against Maplers. She spawns on an hourly basis, and if she is defeated, she will simply return in an hour. She is by far the most popular boss in Maplestory, and sometimes drops the famed Iblis throwing stars, which are a valuable item to Assasins and sells quite well on the Free Market.

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