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Pax fights the mighty hornet.
 A meteor has struck the earth and transformed regular plant life into living, breathing, thinking creatures. The Mushrooms are the largest group effected by this meteor, each group forming a different tribe (Bolete, Morel, Lepiota, and Amanita). These tribes are engage in a great civil war, and as the bolete mushroom Pax, you must put a stop to the attack and save the world of the fungi.
Along with mushroom, normal animals have gained new life. Rabbits, hornets, owls, rats, and more have all gained a much more ferocious disposition and will do all they can to defeat you in battle.

Game Mechanics

 Basic Combat

 As a Mushroom you will find many items throughout the world that would not normally be thought of as weapons. Different weapons can be combined together to create new more exciting combos.


Spore Powers in action.
Spore Powers

 Ever wonder what it would be like if the power of The Force was in the hands of a mushroom? That is exactly what the spore powers are like. By gathering spores at certain locations, Pax will be able to use his spore powers to manipulate objects in the environment to solve puzzles, wield large weapons to fight off enemies, heal from any damage you have taken, etc.

Health System
Who knew mushrooms had brains? Gross.

  Unlike most games now-a-days, Mushroom Men does not possess a health bar to show the remaining health of Pax. Instead, as Pax is hurt, pieces of his cap will begin to chip away. Eventually enough of the cap will be destroyed so that the brain of the mushroom is visible.  At this time he will be near his doom and will require to be healed.


 Mushroom Men possesses standard platforming mechanics like many other games. Pax will need to jump from platform to platform usually at high altitudes (for a mushroom) to reach other areas of a level. However, Pax is also equipped with a standard glove tool that can stretch to far away locations and can be used as a grappling hook to carry the mushroom up to higher areas.

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