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Mutant Fighter is a fighter game from Data East that originally debuted in the Arcades. The game includes various characters influenced by Ancient Greek mythology and its combat is more wrestling-oriented, with grapples, suplexes and Irish whips.

The game appeared in Arcades in 1991, with the name Mutant Fighter in the west and Death Brade in its native Japan. ('Brade' is thought to be a misspelling of 'Blade'.) The game was ported to the Sharp X68000, FM Towns and SNES. The former two are known for their faithful Arcade ports, and their versions are very similar to the original Arcade game. The SNES port had to be downgraded in several areas, including the number of playable characters.


The Arcade version has eight playable characters, as does the Sharp X68000 and FM Towns conversions, though the SNES port only has five:

  • Fighter: A human warrior with spiky hair. An all-rounder.
  • Amazoness: A female human warrior whose best strength is her speed.
  • Hercules: A Spartan warrior of considerable strength. Slow and powerful, and devastating up close.
  • Beast: A reptilian beast with powerful jumping attacks.
  • Minotaur: A minotaur with strong charging attacks. Grows stronger as the battle continues.

The Arcade version also has:

  • Werewolf: A speedy werewolf with deadly claw attacks.
  • Golem: A slow but extremely durable living statue. Regular attacks are barely effective.
  • Dragon: A wingless dragon with a breath attack.

In addition, the game has several unplayable "boss" characters:

  • Hydra: A multi-headed hydra with very strong grapple attacks.
  • Doppelganger: A shapeshifter creature that transforms into his opponent.
  • Demon: A formidable demon known as Pazuzu in-game. A powerful all-round boss.
  • Archmage: A magic-user who is deadlier at a distance.

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