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If there is only one thing someone is able to remember about Smash TV, it's Mutoid Man. Mutoid Man is a mutated (pun intended) abomination that has one goal in life: Kill you.

Being a humanoid, the only way to kill Mutoid Man is to slowly tear his body apart. Now let you be warned: normal bullets will bounce right off Mutoid Man's metal body.

I Will Not Die

This seems to be something Mutoid Man tells himself every night before he goes to sleep (that is if you believe huge men with tank treads for feet sleep). Being the big bad villain that he is, Mutoid Man has to naturally be ready for the slew of missiles and bombs that are going to be heading his way. To counter this Mutoid Man has adapted to his game-show-boss-role by giving himself a rather unique feature: the ability to fight with no body, literately.

Mutoid Man with no arms

Lose both arms? No problem!

Mutoid Man with no head

Lose your head? Who cares!

Mutoid Man with no body

Do you think Mutoid Man would mind if he lost his whole torso? Hell no! He can just grow another head!

In Death, There is Nothing but Big Prizes

But sadly like all bad guys, in the end Mutoid Man will be unable to overcome the host of power ups that will spawn around the map. Slowly he will break down and die, joining his fallen humanoid brothers in the underworld. After dieing in an eruption of blood, prizes will spawn around the map for the player to collect. It's this disgrace to his life that leave many waiting for his inevitable return.
Mutoid Man is Dead

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