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Role in Story

Spoiler warning.

A veteran of the Great War, Mutuus had been one of Imperia's greatest war heroes in the battle against the fearsome barbarian warriors of Nordagh. As the war raged, the Affinity Gods attempted to stop the battle, but the warriors on both sides refused to have peace. Soon after, the anger, violence, and hatred on the battlefield gave birth to the Dark God. The monstrous being laid waste to both sides of the battle, who quickly banded together to survive, but they were no match against the Dark God. It was then that the Valkyrie, guardians of the Light Affinity, took to the battlefield. The queen of the Valkyrie gave her life to bring an end to the Dark God, sparing the soldiers. The warriors of both Nordagh and Imperia had seen enough of the war and made peace, returning the their homes.

Mutuus, however, was not among those who wished the war to end. He believed that Imperia was on the brink of victory and that they should have continued to fight until they had brought all the land under their dominion. The war-weary people of Imperia, however, did not share his views. One of Mutuus's fellow soldiers and perhaps one-time friend, Munio, was at the forefront of those wishing for peace, which made Mutuus furious with his former ally.

When the gladiator games were formed in the wake of the Great War (in an effort to channel humanity's anger and violence to less destructive ends), Mutuus formed a school of highly skilled Imperial warriors and was one of the most successful gladiators around (not surprising, considering his military history).

One night, perhaps out of a yearning to stop potential meddling in his dark plots or perhaps just out of bitterness, Mutuus and some of his warriors attacked and murdered Munio and left his son, Valens, for dead. Little did he know that Valens survived, though he had not distinguished Mutuus among the attackers.

Later, under the orders of the dark sorceress Nyphelia, Mutuus (with the help of some hired hands, Eiji among them) stole the remains of the Dark God from the temple at Roanor. The temple had previously kept the Dark God's evil contained, and once released, it began to spread its corruption anew. But the Dark God was not living yet, which Mutuus and Nyphelia naturally sought to remedy.

Despite his major role in the story, Mutuus is encountered few times in-game. You run into him first in Imperia where he antagonizes your team (especially if you're playing as Ursula). Later, you meet him again, where if you are playing Valens, he will try to sway Ludo to join him. Ludo, beginning to become dissatisfied with Valens's leadership, seems a bit more receptive of the offer, but still refuses.

Near the end of the game, Mutuus is present at the High Tournaments at the Caltha arena. During one of the contests, Nyphelia uses dark magic to bring a massive statue to life, which proceeds to kill the Emperor and go on a rampage. Luckily, Mutuus was there to be a hero and slay it before it could cause to much harm. Now a hero in the eyes of Imperia, Mutuus rallies an army to achieve his dream of conquering Nordagh (and revive the Dark God). He is defeated by our bold heroes, however, before he can see his dream realized. With Mutuus beaten, the threat was thought to be over, but Nyphelia would not so easily accept defeat. Unfortunately for Mutuus, she kills him as a sacrifice to revive the Dark God, and our heroes have yet another obstacle to overcome.


  • Mutuus served in the army alongside Munio, but any friendship they had developed wilted in the wake of the war.
  • Mutuus looks down on any non-Imperials, and seems to be particularly disliking of Ursula and her brother, Urlan.
  • Mutuus also looks down on Valens as a weak fool, and resents him for associating with non-Imperials.
  • Ludo and Mutuus share a lot of similar views on the superiority of the Imperial people to all others, and seem to respect each other despite their opposing allegiances early on.
  • He works for Nyphelia, though the extent of their relationship is not detailed. It is possible that he is her son, as a rumor in-game speaks of a dark sorceress who escaped a cruel prince's clutches, but not before bearing his child. She then spent her life with her son as her only companion.

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