I loved the original Motocross Madness - will I like this?

#1 Posted by holybins (174 posts) -

I was checking out the quick look of this game, and the open level / free-ride section reminded me of the open sections / stunts in Motocross Madness - which were awesome.  For people who have played this game and the old Motocross Madness games, is this a good buy?  The game being $40 already makes it seem like a pretty good value...

#2 Posted by The_Grindilow (434 posts) -

Well I used to be seriously addicted to motocross madness, that game could get so difficult, but was so fun, and some of the falls were hilarious. Played past Mx vs ATV games on the 360 and can't say that I enjoyed the experience all too much, it's much more 'simmy' than motocross madness, and i'm not a large fan of the control system on the games. As for the new one, only seen the quick look so can't really comment, but it looked like more of the same to me.

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