Anyone get the game yet?

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I've seen some game play footage pop up on youtube and heard some people managed to find the game over the weekend. If anyone here has it, fess up! lol I wanna know your impressions. I wish I could just sleep through the rest of the day to get to tomorrow. heh
If you don't have it yet, who's picking it up tomorrow? I pre-ordered mine so hopefully it'll be in the mail.

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I'm waiting for more reviews and impressions before I decide whether or not I will buy it. I'll most likely wait until it goes on sale for $40 or so if I do. Like I said in that other thread, I would totally buy a 'lite' downloadable version of the game at a proportionately reduced price.
I'll probably rent it at least.

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I know what you mean. I only maybe buy 4 or 5 games on release day every year. Others I rent, borrow, or wait til they get cheaper. lol Luckily, i've been saving up for Reflex and keeping my little fund aside since September.  I forgot if you've mentioned it, but have you tried the demo yet?

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@wavegoodbye: Yes I have and it is really good for a demo. By which I mean it allows you to do all the tricks an open dirt course with ramps without any form of time limit. I'll be keeping and booting up the demo from time to time like I did with the first Skate demo (which I played for a whole year) because of how it is constructed. The format of the demo is exactly what makes me want a lite downloadable version. It's all about impulse convenience.
Sure the videos make it look cool, but not enough to warrant a purchase without playing. If there wasn't a demo, I wouldn't have even given it a second thought and just forgot about it.

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