MX vs ATV Reflex Review

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XBOX Addict has a pretty good review of Reflex:
Reflex review
that's a really great review. I'm glad they gave more info especially on the courses and the online. Only one more week to go. I'm just about more excited than ever! lol

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There are 2 more reviews up if anyone's itnerested:
Play Magazine - 9.5
Game Focus - 9.2
The end of Play's review is awesome. It's got me so excited over this even more!
 Though its innovations would be more than enough to retire your copy of Untamed or Unleashed, Reflex isn’t just about new technology. Visually it’s twice the game, with more spectators; more authenticity in the starting area, infield, and pits; far better foliage and textures, and attention to detail that goes above and beyond considering the leaps it takes. Even the trophy girls look good. Like all of Rainbow’s games however, it’s about the sights, sounds and especially the thrill of motocross racing first, which just so happens to be all about rhythm. A great motocross course, and these are the best there have ever been, is designed in such a way that underneath what appears to be a sadistically arranged series of obstacles designed to bring you pain lies a series of lovingly arranged opportunities designed to launch you smoothly over the next and make you feel really, really happy. And isn’t that what video games are all about?

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Wow.... those are some high reviews. Kinda strange how those came a week before any others are are still the only ones on Metacritic. I wonder if the trend will change once the rest come out.

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hmm, might have to check it out.

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Now there are seven reviews and the metascore has averaged to 90 with the lowest score at 84. Still pretty impressive.

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Awesome. I'll be getting this for my brother for Christmas.

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the Game Informer score brought it down, but aside from that, on average it's still getting very good ratings.
As someone who's already logged a few hours in the game, it's definitely a lot of fun and worth of those 90-range scores. gonna be playing this a lot.

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Lame how one shitty review can throw off a score
*cough* giantbomb-BOGT *cough*

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@MrKlorox: Dude, as much as I love GTAIV, I kind of feel Giantbomb was right about Gay Tony. It really let me down.
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@TheGreatGuero: To each his own. I felt that GTA4 was a letdown up until the DLCs.

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