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My Farm is a light simulation game centered around the care of livestock and the expansion of one's farm. My Farm allows trade between animals with players of My Farm or My Exotic Farm.

When the game begins, the player owns nothing but an empty field, a few pennies, and a single hen.

By taking care of the hen, the player can receive eggs, which are then sold. Taking care of animals involves managing their hunger, cleanliness (to avoid infection,) and general satisfaction. Other animals create products as well, such as a sheep's wool or cow's milk.

However, other animals, such as a pig, can be bought "thin", in which case the player's responsibility is to "fatten them up." Rather than send the fattened animal to any particular slaughterhouse, the player simply sells them back to the farmer's market, where a fattened animal is bought for more than its market value.

With this money, the player can buy new animals at the farmer's market or equipment from the shopkeeper. Little by little, as the farm builds up, the player will unlock bonuses, such as a wind turbine, a rooster, a guard dog, and a tractor.

There are six types of animals in total, listed below:

ChickenProduce Eggs--
PigFattenPrefers a dirty farm, doesn't like to be cleaned!
CowProduce Wool--
SheepProduce Milk--

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