tissueshoe's My Pokémon Ranch (Wii Shop) review

WHAT? $10? I can't believe it costs more than $1!

Positive: - you can trade with the ranch owner occasionally -

Negative: - just a useless expansion of Diamond/Pearl - horrible graphics - literally no kind of gameplay - dull and boring -

WiiWare hasn't seen a lot of good games yet, and things like My Pokemon Ranch don't help that at all. In fact, it pushes WiiWare backwards. My Pokemon Ranch doesn't even earn the right to be called a game, and even if it did, it'd still be a really bad game for many reasons:

1) There is literally no gameplay. The only way you could actually argue this point is if you count making the Pokemon bounce by shaking the remote, otherwise there is nothing you can do except look around and take pictures. Uh... woohoo?

2) The graphics are awful. It's obvious that the graphics are poorly and hastily designed. You find this out before you even start up the channel when you look at the choppy, polygonal animation of Pikachu whose head is floating above his body. Not to mention that my Staraptor looks like a Starly, and I can't tell the difference between my Bibarel and my Bidoof.

3) It's just an expansion to Diamond and Pearl. If you don't own a DS and one of those games, there is no piont in buying this. It's pretty much additional Pokemon Storage, but who actually uses up the ENTIRE PC from the game and still needs more space? And the thing isn't portable so it makes the extra storage almost entirely useless, and it's totally unnecessary in the first place!

4) All you can do is watch your Pokemon do next to nothing all the time. Sure, they'll occasionally interact with eachother or play with a toy, but it's rarely entertaining at all because it's either just uninteresting or you just can't get your attention off the bad graphics.

The only good thing about My Pokemon Ranch is that you can occasionally trade with the ranch owner, Hailey. I've heard that she eventually has really good Pokemon, but I haven't bothered getting that far. It is kind of cool, though, because there are always three Pokemon Hailey has set that she wants you to bring into the ranch, and I guess it's kind of fun to try and get the Pokemon she wants on your DS.

To sum it all up, My Pokemon Ranch is overpriced by at least $9. Even at $1, it wouldn't be worth buying. Your hard earned dollar would be much better spent on iTunes or even towards a different game, and that's assuming it only cost $1, but it costs $10! It's essentially an uninteresting, useless expansion of Diamond and Pearl's PC that costs $10. That's all there is to it, so my last words in this review are as follows: DO. NOT. BUY. MY. POKEMON. RANCH.

Gameplay:  1 (out of 10)
Graphics: 4
Sound: 5
Value: 2

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