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Centuries ago the Myrmidons were a proud clan of northern warriors renowned for their ferocity and skill in battle. Even Balor, one of the most terrible sorceror-generals ever to walk the world, was unable to overcome their them in his bid to subjugate the lands of men. Though he could not defeat them on the battlefield, Balor was not one to be so easily discouraged. He began to seduce the Myrmidons with promises of power and immortality, telling them that they needed only to pledge themselves to him in order to achieve it. The vainglorious Myrmidons were receptive to his promises, and in time turned their backs on the Light in order to live forever as Balor's enforcers. Balor was true to his word, keeping their race alive indefinitely, though it is unlikely that the Myrmidons, who took great pains with their appearances, were aware that the immortality he offered was undeath. Known now as Kithless due to their betrayal, it is doubtful that they derive any pleasure from their status as rotting corpses, and by all accounts they seem to bitterly resent all things living.

Racial Characteristics

Though they have existed as Balor's servants for so long that most do not remember their origins, it is most likely that the Myrmidons were once brethren of the Berserks, a similar clan of northerners also known for their battle frenzy. Several similarities between the two groups seem to corroborate this, most notably their speed and their tendency to forgo armor even when available. Myrmidons are also fond of body paint and long hair, or a least they were in life, which Berserks are likewise known for. Although it may simply reflect that they have disowned their former kinsmen, to a man Berserks deny having any lineage with the Myrmidons. They no longer cling to the vanity which led to their current state, however the Myrmidons are just as deadly in undeath as they were in life. Each warrior carries two Gridaksma Blades composed of a pair of scythe blades attached to a human femur. They attack with a swiftness that is unparalleled among undead.

Role in the Series

Myrmidons are essentially Dark analogues of the Berserks, being quick and deadly melee units that throw themselves into battle with little protection. In the Myth: The Fallen Lords campaign, the only melee opponent more powerful is the towering Trow. Though each individual attack from a Myrmidon is not extremely damaging, they attack rapidly enough that they are often able to interrupt the attacks of slower units. Large numbers of Myrmidons are an intimidating force, and smaller groups make excellent scouting parties, seeing as few units are fast enough to catch them. Myrmidons do not return in Myth II, and while this is not overtly explained narratively, they presumably collapsed along with the rest of Balor's army when he was defeated. Their omission can also be at least partially explained by the introduction of the Myrkridia, who play a similar role in Myth II's campaign.

Unit Statistics

Statistically, Myrmidons are nearly identical to Berserks, with the main difference being slightly inferior range and attack damage, which leads to a one-point difference in cost during multiplayer. They are also unique amongst undead units in that they are able to be healed (rather than harmed) by mandrake roots. This rarely comes into play during multiplayer, however, due to the fact that map variants with Myrmidons rarely include Journeymen; however it is of modest importance during the campaign, since it means that player-controlled Journeymen cannot eliminate them easily as they can with Thrall.

Myrmidon by Robert McLees
  • Health: 5.5
  • Turning Speed: 200° per second
  • Movement Speed: 0.045
  • Healing Percentage: 80%
  • Multiplayer Cost: 2 points

Blade Slash Attack

  • Range: 0-0.60
  • Attack Damage: 0.449-0.547

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