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Role in Eirika's Story

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Role in Ephraim's Story

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Military Affiliation

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Myrrh has a total of three supports: Ephraim, Saleh, Dozla.

In her conversation with Ephraim, she requests if she can call the lord, "brother." He asks what brought this on, and the manakete says that she envied Eirika's closeness to him and that she wanted a brother too. He agrees to her request and she happily runs off. He then reflects on his weakness for younger sisters. When next they meet, they wonder about the awkwardness of Myrrh calling him "big brother" when she is actually much older than him. They throw ideas around about what age appropriate family member Myrrh is when she has another request for him. She asks if he will watch her when she sleeps, and he replies that that is not acceptable on a march. He then tells her that she can ask Eirika if she wants since the two would now be considered "sisters." When next they meet, Ephraim asks her what she will do when the war's over. She says that she'll return to the Darkling Woods since it is her home. He asks if she'd like to stay in Renais since she is family and family stays together. She says that she'll think about it.

Note: Ephraim's conversation with Myrrh is different in the English version of the game when compared to the Japanese version because the English game makers took one of the lines the wrong way.


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Unit Data

Base Stats

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Growth Rates

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Other Appearances

Myrrh has a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Her sticker adds fifteen attack points to magic attacks in the Subspace Emissary. It is usable to only Peach and Zelda. The image is that of her official art.

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