Worth Playing These Days?

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I've been having more and more interest in Adventure games and was wondering if the Myst games were still worth playing today. So, is it at all worthy of time these days? Or would there be a better Adventure game to start off with?

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Yes! Yes! YES!!! The Myst games are totally worth your time, especially if you want Adventure games. I recommend getting a guide for them though as they're kind of difficult. I also recommend playing The Longest Journey if you want a great adventure game, but play it after you have played everything else, because if you play it first everything else will seem second rate.

Edit: The Sam and Max games from Telltale are also great for getting into adventure games. They are pretty easy compared to most other things in the genre, are laugh out loud funny, and just a joy to play.

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I think that any of the LucasArts adventure games are a better place to start. My I'm wrong, but the impression I've always had is that Myst was way more niche than other adventure games.

I can't say for absolute, so I'll tell you of my own experience with it. I've always loved adventure games, played a ton of them at the time and love what TellTale's been doing recently. I tried one of the Myst games and, like Cerza said, they are incredibly difficult. I couldn't do anything but walk, walk and walk, interacting with things that I had no idea what they were about, with absolutely no clue as to where I was, where I had to go or why I was there.

So, in essence, I don't think it's a good start. Though you should keep in mind that I was but a kid when I played, so maybe nowadays it would make more sense.  You said you're starting to have more interest in adventure games, so maybe you've already played but, if not, check The Secret of Monkey Island. The special edition just came out and the game is still as spetacular as it was back in the day. That's definitely a good place to start.

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I just played Myst for the first time 3 months ago and thought it was great so yes. Its a major pain to get it to run on new computers though.

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I bought this recently from the Playstation Network via PSOne Classics, and already I'm lost as to what to do(my first Myst game). I kinda get you gotta figure out the puzzles and stuff on your own, but geez this game is hard. I'd recommend a guide if this is your first Myst game. I'll probably have to end up using one even though I don't really want to. It's not a bad game, just unusually difficult.

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Definitely. The very simple design has aged pretty well.

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