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The Mystery Shopping Street is a location visited by Yu Narukami and Yosuke Hanamura on their second trip into the TV World in Persona 4. Looking for clues into the murder of Saki Konishi, Teddie leads them to a strange street that resembles the central shopping district in Inaba, where they find a replica of the Konishi family liquor store. After an encounter with Shadows, in which Yu awakens to his Persona Izanagi, the three enter the liquor store where they hear the voices of Saki and her father. There, Yosuke learns the harsh truth that Saki, whom he had a crush on, considered him a "pain in the ass." Crushed, the emotionally vulnerable Yosuke is then confronted by his Shadow. When he rejects Shadow Yosuke, it transforms into a monstrous form that Yu is able to defeat with his Persona.

Upon learning what the Shadow truly is, Yosuke is prompted to accept it into his heart, where the Shadow transforms into a Persona, Jiraiya.

Later in the game, the player may optionally return to the Mystery Shopping Street to claim a bonus weapon for Yosuke.

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