Before Halo, before Starcraft, there was... Myth

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As some people here on Giant Bomb know, I really loved Myth.  It still is my favorite RTS of all time.  It's the only RTS I played for a significant amount of time online.  It's the only RTS I ever beat the single player to.  To this day it's still the only RTS I ever really gave a damn about.  It was my first Bungie game.  It was a great looking game to play with a 3dfx card.  It remains the first and only example of a great many things.  The below video will demonstrate some of the things I loved about Myth -- the subtle and extremely vital physics component, the tactics required, and the originality of the concepts/theme.
As some other people here on Giant Bomb knew, I always made records of a lot of my gaming experiences.  Audio cassettes, photos, and VHS tapes.  Only once did I record myself playing Myth, but it just so happens I recorded one of my best online Myth matches ever.  The game allowed you to save replays of your matches, much as Halo 3 does.  The following video is a replay of the match, sometimes at higher speed than the actual match.  It was recorded onto VHS via a Pentium 2 300MHz & Voodoo 2 graphics card (the same I used to play the match).  For this reason you will not see the mouse clicks of my play PLUS you WILL see what the other team was saying to each other.  I am the white team in this round, my username was Rupan.  I move the camera so my units are usually on the bottom of the screen.  I believe the game also had a fog of war effect, but that's hard to remember now.

Anyways, these guys were higher ranked than me, and as you can see they were trying to 2 vs 1 me.  This sort of thing happened sometime in Myth, and these guys would start a match the instant you joined their game in attempt to cause you problems.
Alternative thread title : It is the nineties and there is time for Myth
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Before even Marathon?

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@Tru3_Blu3:  No!  Also, not before Warcraft.
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@Diamond:  i really wish i could share your sentiment but that shit looks hella boring :(
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@Ahmad_Metallic:  It's a very different playing RTS, dunno what all ones you played.  It's exciting in its own right when you're actually playing, but it might not make the most spectacular spectator game.  Definitely has a lot of time when you're just positioning units.
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" @Diamond:  i really wish i could share your sentiment but that shit looks hella boring :( "
Dude, you crazy.
Watching any RTS is bound to be boring, but Myth was probably one of the most fun, exciting RTS games (technically RTT game) ever. The combat was very satisfying. Dwarves who through molotovs... giant stone-men that karate kicked men into chunks of meat... shirtless bearded norseman with swords the size of a man... there was so much to love. The campaign was a blast and the multiplayer was incredibly fun as well.
And Diamond, what's your opinion on Soulblighter or The Wolf Age? You said the first was your favorite, but I actually found myself enjoying Soulblighter a lot more.
The Wolf Age was also a blast, I still go back to it from time to time.
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@ThatFrood:  Well, it really comes down to me trying to demo for Myth 2 and feeling, very strongly, that it all felt 'off'.  I was really hyped for it but the demo prevented me from ever buying the game, basically.
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What about before half life.

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@scarace360:  Yep, it was before that!
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Game looks really fun. I like the flying chunks of flesh, and it looks like you really get a feeling of power when you're slaughtering masses of enemies. Those little peasant firebombers are pretty awesome, too.
Makes me wanna play it. Do you know if there's still any way to play online?

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For some reason I thought you were talking about Myst

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I had a demo on this on my mom's old PowerPC Macintosh and I used to replay it over and over again. Back then, the idea of physics in a game blew my motherfucking mind! I'm sad I never had a chance to play the full version, though.

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Man, the fact that this is on a VHS blows my mind.
Also, even the announcer sounds bored. 
"Game Over." *sighs and drinks beer* "Fuck this job."

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@FunExplosions:  Hmmm, well's support for Myth ended a very long time ago, and I wasn't able to even run Myth at all outside of Windows 95...  Maybe it started working again in XP but my friend broke my old disk with his computer chair.  Now all I have is memories, and perhaps that is for the best.
No wait, screw it, I want another Myth from Bungie!
@ArchScabby:  It's a common mistake
@Driadon:  Even now the physics in the gameplay seems mindblowing to me for a RTS.  AFAIK there's just nothing else like it.
@jim_dandy:  Well not everyone would have used a VHS tape, but it's what I had for tools.  I kinda like the announcer, it's very much a pre-Halo Halo-style announcer.
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You haven't played Soulblighter or the Wolf Age?!?

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