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N313 is an orbital lab in the game Revolution 60. It was designed by US Aerospace. It was abandoned due to political strife with China over the militarization of space, and was designed by Amelia Melpomene.

N313 ran into significant budget problems over the course of its construction. To save funds, Amelia reprogrammed Geishabots to be the station's sentinels, rather than simply using military grade security droids. They are stored in stasis containers throughout the ship, including Crimson 09.

In Revolution 60, N313 has drifted off course, and has caused a major diplomatic incident with China. To solve this problem, Holiday and her team are ordered to rendezvous with the station and reestablish satellite control with Chessboard.

N313 was designed by Frank Wu, a four-time Hugo award winner and noted speaker in science fiction.

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