Co-Founder Passes Away

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President and co-founder of Florida studio N-Space inc,  Erick Dyke, has passed on after losing his battle with cancer.

Erick Dyke, alongside partner Dan O'Leary, headed the company on a range of projects including Call of Duty 4 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for DS, and also working closely with the original GameCube shooter Geist for Nintendo.

Both within the company he loved and the video game industry as a whole, Erick was an inspiration to all those with whom he worked and touched. He will be remembered for his courage, vision, creativity, and love of life.

N-Space Statement

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Good games except for Force Unleashed DS. Why post this? He wasn't even vert significant in gaming was he? Well it's sad anyway...

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What an unfortunate last name, must have had a terrible time in school.

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Man, that's a real bummer.


"Why post this? He wasn't even vert significant in gaming was he?"
He was an extremely significant figure at n-Space and they've created some fairly sound titles over the years.

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