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N's the antagonist of Unova's story.

N is the anti-hero, a pseudo-rival to the protagonists and the destined tragic hero of the fifth generation main series games. His first appearance is in Pokemon Black and White Versions trying to persuade the protagonists to unleash their Pokemon and set them a-free from human contact. He has different conventional methods to training Pokemon. N's ultimate aspiration is to create two separate worlds, one for humans and the other for the Pokémon species. He was once entitled as the leader of the crime syndicate Team Plasma.


N's unraveled history is entwined with mystery. His surname is pertaining to the Harmonia household without much more background to his own name. His bearing was unknowing to his own father as his mother gave life to him mysteriously. He is raised under the guidance of Ghetsis, leader of the Seven Sages.

As a youth in age, N's father hid his identity to the public eye and sent him to learn of the dark ideals of the father. Ghetsis maintained N isolated from any modernistic ideals. Away from all human connection and the Pokemon World,

N was introduced only to Pokemon who had become mistreated and disowned by their previous Pokemon Trainers. Accommodated within the Plasma Castle of his room, N gave special interest to these abandoned Pokemon with the gratitude to the Pokemon presence and the detest to the supposed human mistreatment from all Pokemon Trainers. N soon after become adept at understanding the fundamental concept of communication between Pokemon, communicating with them through free will and ease of mind with any Pokemon.

A rarity in the Pokemon universe, N is gifted with understanding Pokemon and recognizing their speech patterns, a quality his father wish to use to attain his goals. Capable of understanding all of the Pokémon species N wishes to liberate all in to a peaceful and war-ridden state of life. A small distortion of thought wavers through his mind, believing people end up torturing and exploiting the efforts from the power held by Pokémon.


After Ghetsis' given speech people utilizing Pokémon and should be freed Trainer N approaches for an introduction. He remarks that he's heard the voices of the Pokémon in the player's party and questions the reasoning behind keeping Pokemon behind Pokéballs. A challenge immediately stirs from the conversation to investigate the voice of the Pokémon. After battle collateral, he will talk about how he will raise Pokémon as friends.

N and Zekrom unite

First encounters with the N and the player makes N appear as if he were to be a regular trainer, but the relevance shows the quality of him as the King of Team Plasma, a villainous organization to Unova of the Pokemon Black and White Versions. As King of Team Plasma, N's goal is to separate Pokemon from human beings, so that they can achieve their true potential and become "perfect beings," and be free from mistreatment by human trainers. To this end he intends to be recognized by one of the Legendary dragon Pokemon of Unova Region ( Reshiram\White version, Zekrom\Black version), establishing him as the anti-hero and allowing the escalating manipulation unto the public's minds as to release their own Pokemon.

After defeating the Elite Four and the Pokemon League Champion, N raises his castle over the Pokemon League and challenges the player to final confrontation as the heroes chosen by the legendary dragons. Once in the castle, the player discovers that N is a figurehead for Team Plasma, pressured under his father's ideals, whose goal is attain sole control over all the Pokemon. When the player defeats N, Ghetsis is displeased with N's actions over Ghetsis' desire, leading to the father declaring him "warped, defective" all the more while unworthy to become a fitting son under his name.

Growing into conscience, N is generally realizing that he has been deceived into the works of a dismal plan. N deems the player as the utmost worthy Trainer and recognizes them as the true Heroes of Unova over him. N values the thought that the connection between Pokemon and humans can be healed and better off than severing their ties together. N sets off and takes leave flying off on the back of the region's Legendary dragon Pokemon. N and the Legendary dragon Pokemon are reported as having been seen together in a far-off land.


Antagonistic to the protagonists and the Pokemon cause to battle, N is prominently portrayed within dialogue as "pure and innocent". Trainer N's goals are to liberate the entire Pokémon species from being trained under the lead of Pokemon Trainers, fomenting them as his only friends. He is fundamentally solace in his manner of operating - rather than any other the power that he would get from controlling the populace of Unova, N says that when everyone obeys him, he and the player will be able to be friends.

Childhood friends

N is distrustful of other humans and feels he understands Pokemon much better than he understands people. He also expresses a fondness for machinery and mathematical formulas, as his ideal world would be clear and logical like pure mathematics. He wants to remove the "gray" of multiple, conflicting ideals and make a world where " black and white will be clearly distinct!"

N dislikes the conventions of Pokemon training such as battling ...

("My friends getting hurt...that's what a Pokemon battle is")

and adding Pokemon to a Pokedex ...

("You put Pokemon into categories using arbitrary rules and think you can understand them like that" ).

Notably, an exempting unusual quality pertaining to N in comparison to recurring trainers is N does not have a recurring mark of specific party members for a sturdy Pokemon team, as the Pokemon he carries in hand are but each a composed with distinct Pokemon from the neighboring vicinity areas where the protagonists' encounter battles takes initiative. This occurrence suggests N differentiates from the norm of training and has differentiating tactics involving Pokemon as opposed to the Pokemon Trainer's training method.

When N is impression by the player's Pokemon interpreting faith with its trainer's methods. As N surfaces in journey, he comes to terms of comprehending the force behind people and Pokemon working together through harmony. N loses confidence in his conviction in which Pokemon separation is beneficial from maintaining relations with humans. He concludes with emotions of failed judgement and learns to understand the symbiotic relations of Pokemon with human beings.


Standing lean in balanced physique and above the average height, N is a character of proportions. Green hair in image hides behind in disarray under a simple plated black and white cap. N's wrists are wrapped with bangles and wrist bands, and as necklace he adorns a universe-style charm. At the hips is the prized Menger Sponge, a small cube that signifies infinite surface area and zero volume.

Special Appearances

Pocket Monsters Legendary Encounters

A figure shrouded in enigma, N approaches the main character after an address to the public is done. He has the great ability to "hear" and concent to the needs of Pokemon's voice, a determining method to his rise to action against the people's sentiments towards commodity with Pokemon. With his honed powers, he discovers the protagonist is an exceptional mannered Pokemon Trainer. While an antagonistic figure, he takes great interest in the specialties of the protagonist.

Pocket Monsters: Black & White manga

N directly communicates with Pikachu

N debut is a brief appearance in which he demonstrates his abilities to communicate easily with Pokémon, a skill Isamu Akai's Clefairy secretly preserves recordings of and sells for riches.

When approached on how he is able to communicate, N refuses to disclose the matter. N explains the nature is something that cannot be taught and that the standard of asking for answer will end inconclusive.

Pocket Monsters BW The Hero of Thunder and Fire

N depreciates the idea of Pokemon Trainers allowing their own Pokemon to be kept under command with comparison to tools. He ponders the question on the protagonist as to why the force of their Pokémon is set under compromise solely for battle while exposing their well being to enormous danger. N directs his respects when the protagonist and its Pokemon display the same affection towards one another.

Pokémon Adventures

N constantly revolves around the main characters and displays a expressionless facade when presented. N dedicates his compassion towards the Pokémon species. N is set off with enragement when Pokémon are captured with PokéBalls, exclaiming they become voiceless and cannot be heard. N is considered from contributing factors as a "bad guy" but its dismissed as his dreams are interpreted by a Munna as good-natured person wanting obsolete harmony for Pokémon.


N's name derives from the mathematical variable for natural numbers. (Natural numbers substitutes a chronicle range of numbers becoming a variable for "any number"). Cutting a precise opening of the merger sponge allows for the discovery of seven significant star shaped views uncovered within the figure. The conjunction of his names develops the word enharmonic, an emphatic state he expresses.

Fame Checker

The webcomic Black Adventures is centric around N and Pokemon Trainer Black with his friends.

Fun Facts

  • Not only can N speak successively, he speaks in a pattern of quick speech, with dialogue printed earlier than various characters as perceived by Cheren's commenting on his first meeting.
  • When battling the protagonist, N utilizes Pokémon that are from the area (ie. cave, route) and releases them back into the wild after said battle, though the Klink lineage is seen to be maintained.
  • N's recruit Pokemon are consistent with maintaining the same level.
  • He has not been shown to have a female Pokémon in the party.
  • N is perceived as the only Pokemon Trainer to utilize a Legendary Pokémon from the region onto his team who is not encountered within the Battle Tower / Battle Frontier, as well as the only antagonist succeeding to utilize a Legendary Pokémon for its cause and battle.
  • N and Tory Lund (Pokemon Movie 07) have similarities in comparison to mistrust. Whilst N found harm and mistreatment within the bounds of Pokemon relations with humans, Tory's scenario led to him mistrusting Pokémon caused by locked in a Pokemon battle.
  • N's eyes differ from art, appearing clear color toned while at times is seen as green or blue.
  • Differentiating from past villainous organizational bosses from the main series games, N works solely for the benefit of Pokemon rights, setting away from sourcing a Legendary to foment selfish ways in the end.
  • His name is the shortest official name spelled amongst all other characters present within the Pokémon game series, formed by only one letter.
  • N's casual vestiments resemble that of a skater. There is a notable half-pipe structure that can be seen within N's room.

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