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N+ punishes you for hours & still has you crawling back for more. 0

N+ should be instantly recognizable to anybody who's familiar with the guilty pleasure of flash games. Taking the lesson of internet success, this Xbox Live Arcade port of the online classic is a perfect example of less is more gameplay. You control a two-dimension ninja whose sole goal is to collect gold against the clock using a variety of running and jumping moves. Each of the 250 areas in the game has an exit door which is opened using an expertly placed switch in each level. As the previous...

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Doing things the hard way 0

The original N was a fast paced, challenging, but ultimately fun and addicting 2D action platformer that also happened to be a freeware flash game. And while its new sequel, N+, is no longer free, that by no means stops it from being just as fun. And just as damn hard.But that's okay, because any self respecting gamer likes a good challenge. And that's exactly what the difficulty in N+ stems from- a good challenge. This isn't the kind of game that constantly throws cheap tricks at you, encouragi...

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Review: N+ 0

What do you get when you mix the acrobatics and puzzle solving of a platformer with the pacing and coordination of an action game? You get the sequel to a popular flash game by Metanet, N+, now available on Xbox Live Arcade. Is the successor to a freely available PC game good enough to warrant a purchase?  Read on to find out.  For those not in the know or those who have not played the original N, the game puts you in control of a modern ninja with a passion for gold which causes him to navigate...

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N+ Review 0

Note: I wrote this review for a school newspaper, so excuse me if it seems a bit dumbed down or anything. Stuff that I writespecifically to post on GiantBomb will, I assure you, be better and less cheesy. And try to rip off Zero Punctuation a bit less. “n+” is awesome. I don’t even mean that in the stupid colloquial way in which we call our friends “awesome”. I mean that I was actually in shock and awe because of the fact that a game developer decided to make something other than those futuristi...

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Best Co-op in a while 0

N+ is a suprisingly fun game thats easy to love and easy to hate becuase of its ocasionally frustrating difficultyGraphicsN+ features nice, simple graphics and everything is very easy to recognize. You will rarely ever die from confusion of where you are in single player thanks to the way that you character's black body stands out against the grey and white background.GameplayThe gameplay of N+ is similiar to a 2D platformer, your goal is to reach a switch that opens a door, and then get to that...

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N+ is a console flash game 0

I wanted to make something clear before I went into this review. I am not a fan of puzzle games and although I do enjoy platformers it will take a special game to win over my heart. With that said N+ is nothing more than a flash game re-developed slightly and put onto the xbox 360 arcade. N+ was developed by Slick Entertainment and published by Metanet Software (who originally did the flash version). The game is a puzzle platformer and overall it feels really average. The goal in each of N+'s 50...

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Simplistic in every area, N+ doesn't keep your attention for long 2

N+ puts you in a ninja's shoes, running and jumping your way through level after level full of small explosives, electrified floating orbs, lasers, and homing missiles. The game presents itself in a very simplistic fashion from every approach, and in the end it doesn't really keep your attention for long. N+ throws some unique challenges at you, though, which makes it a decent game for what it is.Your objective in every level is to hit the green switch and get out the door. Easy enough, right? B...

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The Best Argument for Communism I Ever Played 1


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A very satisfying platformer 0

    Do you remember playing Super Mario Bros when you were a wee lad? Do you remember that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction you felt when you had finally beaten a level, had mastered every jump,  had crushed ever Goomba under your heel? Do you remember that feeling of disappointment and frustration when you just barely missed a jump? Do you remember that untamable rage that arose in you when you missed it again and again? N+ takes both of these feelings to the next level. In fact N+ st...

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