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Nair is a secondary character in Yakuza 4 that appears after the player takes control of Masayoshi Tanimura in Part 3.  A detective from a southeast Asian country, she is in Kamurocho to track down a criminal known only as GG.  She and her partners however do not speak Japanese, and thus require Tanimura's help as a translator to proceed with the investigation.

Nair has a personal stake in the investigation, as well.  GG is not only a notorious weapons dealer, but also the man responsible for the deaths of her parents and brother.

Nair's Kumite

Nair is the central focus of the game's challenge known as "Nair's Kumite."  By completing stages of the challenge, the player will unlock enhanced fighting abilities for Tanimura.  There are five stages in all.  In the first four stages, the player must spar with Nair, who uses the same parry-based fighting style as Tanimura.  By defeating Nair, the substory will progress as Nair's partner Marcos reports in new details.  At certain points, the player must also listen to the police radio while out on the street and track down criminals that also have ties to Nair's investigation.

In the final leg of Nair's Kumite, Nair and Tanimura follow the trail to Millennium Tower, where GG is preparing to escape by helicopter.  Upon arriving, however, Nair is shocked to discover that GG is in fact her own brother, whom she had thought dead.  He reveals that their parents had in fact been running a weapon smuggling ring, and when he felt his inheritance of the operation had been denied, murdered them and faked his own death in order to seize control.

The kumite ends with GG's defeat.  The investigation over, Nair can begin putting its struggles behind her and return home.

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