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Nal Hutta, more often referred to simply as "Hutta," once belonged to the native Evocii; however, with the passing of time came the slug-like race known as the Hutts. Upon the arrival of the Hutt race, the Evocii were presented with an opportunity to economically allign themselves with the Hutt traders. It is unknown whether the Evocii ignored the warnings of others, in barterting with a race infamous for its greed, or were perhaps unaware of the consequences of dealing with these shadowy creatures, yet the rest is history. Through cruel, albeit shrewd business maneuvers, the Hutts soon became masters of this once-peaceful land, now known as Nal Hutta.

Groves became plague ridden swamps, subjected to neglect and pollution.
Nal Hutta is the center of the Hutt's crime cartel-empire, though much of their "business" is operated elsewhere. One of the more noteworthy bations of Hutt criminality is the notorious moon, orbiting Nal Hutta, known as Nar Shaada. Appearing in numerous video games, including Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, this heavily urbanized moon is the Hutt crime cartel's most direct link to the intergalactic crime syndicate, The Exchange.

Back on the surface of the now decrepit Nal Hutta, the environment very much mirrors the Hutts' previous homeworld of Varl. Marred by pollution and the Hutts' trademark insatiable greed, Varl was made uninhabitable for even the Hutts.

As the decay of Nal Hutta's environment continues unabated, speculation runs rampant that the fate of Nal Hutta may be no different than that of Varl. While it is true that Nal Hutta's literal translation from Huttese is "Glorious Jewel," there is little left to be objectively identifiable as glorious or of magnificence. Aside from the Hutts and the enslaved race of the Evocii, few depart Nar Shaada with intent to brave the nightmares awaiting a journey to Nal Hutta.

But the Force is an omnipresent factor in the Star Wars galaxy and dark secrets wail a siren's call from even the depths of the Nal Hutta moon, Nar Shaada. The treaty between the Republic and Empire stands on thin ice and soon war will break out between Jedi and Sith. Perhaps the might of the Force, found on Nar Shaada, is merely an ambassador of darker secrets on Nal Hutta. When war arrives, a weapon to turn the tides could be found on Nal Hutta and the Evocii will once more see their lands ravaged by conflict.

What beauty remains is unlikely to be left undisturbed. Be it pollution or the forthcoming war, the Evocii will feel Nature's suffering.

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