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Nanaka is a very clumsy, high spirited, and childish girl. Haruki first meets her when he takes Mao out for ice-cream in the restaurant he works at. Mao orders a sunday and Nanaka comes to deliver his order, but she trips along the way. Haruki saves her and she thanks him, but she then suddenly claims to recognize Haruki, calls him a pervert, and starts throwing things at him. Not knowing who she is and what exactly is going on, Haruki decides to leave the restaurant, much to the dismay of Mao who didn't get to eat his sunday. Throughout most of the game, Nanaka continues to call Haruki a pervert and tries to get back at him by pulling pranks like using whoopee cushions, but never bothers to explain what her motives are. It isn't until very late in the game that Michiru, Mao's big sister, finally explains how Nanaka is Kaori's (Haruki's ex-girlfriend) niece, and that she must've heard things from her about Haruki and possibly misunderstood them.

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