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Nanashi no Game, which literally translates into "Nameless Game," was an attempt by Square Enix to try to combine a Survival Horror adventure game with a retro style RPG. The story revolves around a rumor about a cursed role-playing game that will kill anyone who starts the game and does not complete it within seven days, similar to the events of The Ring. Nanashi no Game had a small release in Japan on July 3, 2008 but soon became a cult classic, selling all 60,000 copies that were released. The game 's popularity lead to Square Enix releasing a sequel on August 27, 2009 called Nanashi no Game Me ( Nameless Game: The Eye).

Nanashi no Game was never released in any other regions besides Japan. Fortunately, a group of hackers and translators from the gbatemp forums released an English translation patch for the game on October 14, 2011.


Nanashi no Game's gameplay is separated into two parts. The first part is a first person adventure game where the player hold the DS in "book form". During these sections you navigate your character around a 3D environment with the D-Pad and try to find clues and solve puzzles, as well as avoid dangerous foes. The second part is when the character plays the cursed RPG itself, where the player holds the DS in the normal position. The cursed game is controlled like a traditional 8-Bit RPG on the top screen, but instead of level grinding the player must find new clues to the mystery behind the game.

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