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Naotora Ii was leader of the Ii clan of Warring States era Japan. She rose to the position following the death of her father Naomori Ii in 1560 at the Battle of Okehazama. Naotora was not the first choice to lead the clan, as plans had been laid for her cousin Naochika Ii to take over. However, Naochika's reign was very short-lived. After accusations of treason were levied against him by retainers loyal to the Ii's allies, the Imagawa clan, he fled to avoid committing seppuku and was eventually executed.

Naotora adopted Naochika's son Naomasa Ii, who grew up to become a vassal of Ieyasu Tokugawa. After assuming power, Naotora remained as head of the Ii clan until her death in 1582. However, the amount of influence she actually held over the clan is debated.

Depictions in Video Games

Samurai Warriors

Naotora first appeared as a playable character in the Japan-only 3DS game Samurai Warriors Chronicles 2nd, and later in Samurai Warriors 4. She fights using bladed boots.

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