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Naoyuki is the father of Tomoya, husband of Atsuko, and son of Shino. He works at an antique shop. Naoyuki has a strained relationship with Tomoya.


Naoyuki dropped out of high school to marry Atsuko. Atsuko lost her life in an accident. Since then, he fell into depression and took to alcohol and often get into fights with Tomoya. One time, Tomoya was slammed against a wall and it dislocated Tomoya's right shoulder. He couldn't properly recover from it and Tomoya could no longer raise his right arm higher than shoulder-height.

Naoyuki started treating Tomoya better but Tomoya saw that as being treated as a stranger.


Nagisa's path

After Tomoya graduated, his homeroom teacher wanted to discuss Tomoya's future with Naoyuki. Tomoya refused to follow him and ran away. The teacher waited until Naoyuki returned and Naoyuki insisted that he should discuss it with Tomoya only. Later, Tomoya announced that he will be staying over at Nagisa's place and packed his things.

After Story

Nagisa wanted to meet Naoyuki and dragged Tomoya along. She introduced herself to Naoyuki and made lunch.

Naoyuki's path

Kishita, a colleague of Naoyuki, phoned Tomoya and reported that Naoyuki was arrested for work problems and he was jailed. Tomoya's job promotion was put on hold and he confronted Naoyuki. He apologized and Tomoya became angry.

5 years later, Tomoya and Ushio visited Naoyuki. Tomoya likened his fate to Naoyuki's and thanked him for being a good father. Tomoya also told his father to return to Shino. Naoyuki was happy to see Ushio and apologized to Tomoya for being a poor parent.

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