Anyone planning on getting this?

#1 Posted by Giuseppe (129 posts) -

??? I am. I just need a whole new computer.
#2 Posted by gpbmike (864 posts) -

I plan on getting it. Will probably pre-order on steam sometime soon.

#3 Posted by giyanks22 (2681 posts) -

My bro loves these games so I'll buy it for his b-day and give it to him, so I'll effectively get to paly it.

#4 Posted by AjayRaz (12465 posts) -

I think it was Rome : Total War that I tried and love. Will try this one out for sure

#5 Posted by Gazel_Ministry (125 posts) -

 I'm gonna wait and see. Empire:Total War was a crashfest for me. I just last week gave up on the game. Nothing more frustrating than spending 25 minutes on a battle only to have the game crash at the very end before you have a chance to save. Rome:Total War is a masterpiece, so I'll give Creative Assembly the benefit of the doubt. 

#6 Edited by MrPickles (140 posts) -

Creative Assembly tends to release pretty solid Strategy titles, especially the Total War series and this one looks to be no exception. I just need to somehow magically sprout a new computer that is able to play this.

#7 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

Umm... dope? I don't really play PC games, but Rome: Total War always interested me. Now they're making a Napoleon game? That is just too awesome. I'd like to play it.

#8 Posted by Phished0ne (2533 posts) -

This game looks SUH-WEEETT! 
now i can finally sit behind my computer and wear that napoleon hat....and people might  not think i was insane.

#9 Posted by Phantom_Crash (300 posts) -

I have not had any troubles with Empire at all. Maybe I'm just lucky. I pre-ordered from a local store, saves me downloading it off steam, plus Ill get it almost at cost.

#10 Posted by Ultimadark (150 posts) -

I might get it, is it true though that it lacks a "real" grand campaign, and instead only more scripted missions?

#11 Posted by Turambar (6849 posts) -

My  PC can't even run Empires, so Napoleon is gonna have to wait.

#12 Posted by Gamer_152 (14100 posts) -

It looks like it could be a good game but I'm still not overly interested in it.

#13 Posted by Ultimadark (150 posts) -
@Turambar: I read that Napoleon run's better than Empire though, so maybe you should give it a shot (hope for a demo)
#14 Edited by Jeust (10823 posts) -

Nope, as i have the other Total War games, starting of Shogun, and still haven't played the whole lot of them. 

#15 Posted by emkeighcameron (1876 posts) -

The fact that it doesn't have Grand Campaigns means "no" for me.
Which sucks, I'd really love to play it (the new weather and terrain stuff looks awesome), but I hate the scripted campaigns.

#16 Posted by Turambar (6849 posts) -
@Ultimadark said:
" @Turambar: I read that Napoleon run's better than Empire though, so maybe you should give it a shot (hope for a demo) "
Oh, make no mistake, I intend on getting both.  College student loans is just eating up my pay checks at the moment, so I don't really have the disposable income to upgrade the PC.
#17 Posted by Seraphim2150 (325 posts) -

I've got mine on preoder, and thanks to game reward points the special edition is around £12.99 for me.
I've read that the European campaign is basically this game's grand campaign with the bare minium of scripted events

#18 Posted by natetodamax (19217 posts) -

I am not.

#19 Posted by Turambar (6849 posts) -
@Jeust: The overarching title is Total War, not Empire.  I know I'm being nitpicky, but it still bugs me.
#20 Posted by Grilledcheez (3956 posts) -

I'll probably get it eventually once I get a new computer.

#21 Posted by Jeust (10823 posts) -
@Turambar said:
" @Jeust: The overarching title is Total War, not Empire.  I know I'm being nitpicky, but it still bugs me. "
Yep, sorry.. i meant Total War. 
#22 Posted by Sinatra (213 posts) -

I do not see myself purchasing this game, it just does not appeal to me at the moment. 

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