Why No Review?

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#2 Posted by Zalzargahoughanstine (72 posts) -
@AlexMarra:  Probably because reviewing a game properly takes quite a bit of time and there are that many of them.
#3 Posted by Deusoma (3188 posts) -

I hadn't really thought about it, but yeah, that is odd. I have no explanation.

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Cuz the guy who would review it (Dave) is busy keeping the site working. The other guys don't play Total War.

#5 Posted by Seedofpower (3995 posts) -

Well there is mike, but he is also working on the site =/
Same goes for Chaos rising =(

#6 Posted by Murdouken (766 posts) -

I can't remember his name, but there is that pretty cool guy that likes RTS's and his quick looks are great. He did the King Arthur one and the Napoleon one, and the SupCom2 one, if I remember correctly.

#7 Posted by MB (13915 posts) -

If I could only have one, I'd take a Quick Look over a review any day.

#8 Posted by MachoFantastico (5440 posts) -

If I'm not mistaken (haven't played it yet) it's not that different from Empire: Total War. So maybe they feel that it wouldn't be worth writing a review for, not the biggest team so it makes sense really. Not sure a review is really needed to be honest. 

#9 Posted by Ubiquitous (576 posts) -

There might be a review in the future, I'd certainly like to read one, also for chaos rising. But at the same time;
@MB said:
"If I could only have one, I'd take a Quick Look over a review any day. "
#10 Posted by Seedofpower (3995 posts) -
@Murdouken:  Yeah, his name is Mike.
#11 Posted by Jimbo (10173 posts) -

Ping5000 wrote a very good user review.
I'd say 4 stars as well, but you should consider it an expansion to Empire rather than a whole new iteration (even though it is standalone).  It feels like a more solid version of Empire, but with a handful of shorter, more focused campaigns rather than one Grand Campaign (think Kingdoms).
If Dave were to review it, he would give it 4 stars.  I can tell.

#12 Posted by Murdouken (766 posts) -
@MB: Quick Looks are by far more entertaining, and give good ideas of what the game actually plays like, but it's really hard to judge whether or not you want to fork out £30 for a game based on a Quick Look. If I was watching for entertainment reasons I'd take a quick look, but for a purchasing guideline a review is much more informative in my opinion.

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