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Naraku's back bares the spider-shaped scar of his humanity.

Naraku is a villain in the highest degree. Revelling in the pain and torment caused by his deceptions, even Naraku's allies are his enemies. He was formed from the corrupt soul of human Onigumo who offered himself to be devoured by hundreds of lesser demons in the hopes of gaining Kikyo's attentions. Once in control of the human body, however, the half-demon reviled such a pure human as Kikyo and set a plan in motion whereby she would die.

Naraku deceived Kikyo into believing Inuyasha had betrayed her. Using his ability to shape-shift, Naraku imitated Inuyasha and mocked Kikyo, causing her to ultimately kill her former love. His deception was in the hopes of having Kikyo save herself by wishing on the sacred Shikon no Tama, thus tainting its otherwise pure form. Instead, as a last act before death, Kikyo demanded that the jewel be destroyed with her body in the funeral pyre. The jewel was lost for a time to Naraku and he had to find other amusements for his sick and twisted mind.

Miroku's grandfather was a lecherous monk who loved women. In a ruse, Naraku played the part of a pretty woman, the monk's weakness and cursed him and his family line to carry a black hole in their hand. Having received the curse from his father, Miroku has vowed to enact revenge on Naraku for the pain and shortened life spans his family has been limited to.

Finding himself with the power of several shards of the sacred Shikon no Tama at last, Naraku set in motion a plan to rid himself of the demon slayers before they could offer any resistance to his villainy. Taking control of Kohaku, he had the boy slaughter the mighty warriors and then had him killed. Using a shard of the Shikon no Tama, Naraku revived the dead boy and offered him reprieve from his memories, if only he would serve Naraku. Kohaku's sister, Sango, will go to any length to free her brother and Naraku enjoys pitting the siblings against each other in a cruel mockery of their love.

Naraku's favored weapon is his own body. His shape shifting abilities allow his limbs to take on the shape of skewers and he continually uses these to attack those around him. When he can avoid direct confrontation, he does, opting instead to send look-alike demon puppets in his place.

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