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Naralex discovered the Wailing Caverns deep beneath the Barrens.  Naralex thought he could use the Wailing Caverns to restore the lushness of the Barrens.  However, to complete this he would have to connect with the fabled Emerald Dream.  Upon doing so, something went wrong, and his dream turned into a nightmare.  Trapped in an ever sleeping state, his nightmare quickly corrupts everything within the Wailing Caverns.  All the beasts and his loyal disciples now are driven by an unknown force to protect Naralex and let none awaken him.  
A group of heroes aided by his last, uncorrupted disciple does manage to awaken and free the trapped Naralex.  After the events of the Cataclysm, he is successful with his mission and the Barrens are restored to their former beauty.

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