koopa_kid12's Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution (Wii) review

In my opinion the best 3D fighter on Wii!

Naruto clash of ninja revolution is a great fun game with loads of replay value,but in all respects it's just an extra coat of paint on a good but old game.

But at the moment we'll focus on the good points, first of the graphical detail is amazing, especially on the stage 3 sannin showdown. The 2 part stages are a nice idea and make the area feel larger and because of this you are able to use the enviroment to your advantage. Unlike most fighters based on hit TV shows the special moves are amazing, Narutos Rasengan is just one of the great specials available.On top of this there are 9 gameplay modes! And your able to play with the wii remote and nunchuk,gamecupe pad, or classic controller! The mini games are a nice add on also.

As an enourmous fan of the series i'd like to say it went without problems but that was just never going to happen. Firstly there is no way nere as much characters and stages as there should be, compared to its ps2's cousins 120. And no wi-fi is a real letdown, never did i doubt it was going to have wi-fi but there i was, jaw dropped on the bed.

Overall however, Naruto clash of ninja revolution may just be the same game as its predecessors, but with all these extras and bonus content it's still a must have for fans of the series, 4 STARS!

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