Cant find this game!

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#1 Posted by Pedro (101 posts) -

Hey all,
I live in the UK and can not seem to find this game ANYWHERE. Amazon, play, game, HMV, gamestation and all the major online shops! Has anyone in the UK found this game anywhere? All the websites say out of stock and will email when they get it but I wonder how long this will take. Might just try importing it for Canada.

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#2 Posted by LiquidPrince (16788 posts) -

I'm from Canada, and I can't find it anywhere.

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#3 Posted by Pedro (101 posts) -

Oh no Canada dont let me down now!!

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#4 Posted by michaelsuen (131 posts) -

Hey guys, just got mine today...  Living in Ottawa and had problems finding it until today...  Looks like they're not stocking up at major shops like Blockbuster, EB, Walmart, Futureshop 'cos they're not expecting it to sell well...  Let me know if you're round the area, i'll see if I can help...  In the case of the UK, used to live there so probably look for a small game store (NOT GAME), though I would've thought Gamestation would have it...  Don't bother in Asda and Morrisons... :)

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